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Workplace Wellness: Does the Food we eat affect our Productivity? October 5, 2012

Does the Food we eat affect productivity -

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It is common knowledge that poor nutrition can affect many aspects of our daily lives, from our overall wellness, to our sleeping patterns and emotional state. Knowing this, can we assume that a better diet makes for more productive employees while on the job? Employers may want to consider corporate wellness training videos as a way to help employees find ways to make positive lifestyle changes to help them improve many aspects of their health and become more productive at work.

A 2005 study by the International Labour Organization (ILO) was able to show daily nutrition and diet habits directly affect levels of productivity. The World Health Organization (WHO) assesses that good nutrition equals good productivity. The infographic explains issues of poor nutrition and what good foods can power our brains and bodies.

• Bad foods and inadequate nutrition not only affects worker productivity but also keeps morale low, has the potential to create safety problems and can lead to long-term overall health and wellness problems.
• Poor nutrition is a global problem with more obese workers, one billion malnourished people and workers with mineral deficiencies which affect productivity.
• Eating power foods can provide higher levels of productivity feeding our brains and bodies in a healthy way. Understanding proper nutrition and eating from all food groups in moderate proportions is essential.

With hr training dvds management can begin to assess the current workforce to compare worker nutrition with productivity and create a plan of action for employees. Reducing sick day call-ins and on-the-job accidents with more productive workers who work happy because they are eating well helps everyone. Some organizations have used time management training to help management focus their actions exactly where they are needed.

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