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Healthcare Infographic: Medical Staffing Network’s Safety Snapshot May 14, 2014 No Comments


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Lifting Strategies

by Coastal Training / DuPont


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Home Health Safety

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Infection Control

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by Coastal Training / DuPont

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Healthcare Infographic: Why America Must Address Rising Healthcare Costs June 26, 2012 1 Comment


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by Coastal Training / DuPont

Age Specific Care

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Shiftwork Fatigue

by Digital 2000

Employee Wellness

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Humorous Safety

by Training Without Boredom

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Marcom Video List June 5, 2012 Comments Off

Today, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and complying with OSHA’s safety training requirements is more important than ever before. OSHA has become increasingly aggressive enforcing their regulations. Worker’s compensation and healthcare costs keep growing. And the drive toward achieving more productivity continues. Safety and health training is key to dealing with all of [...]

Just Good Healthcare Training DVD September 15, 2011 Comments Off

What is Cultural Competency? In simple terms, it’s medicine at its best: patient-centered care. Healthcare providers who are sensitive to the cultural and religious beliefs of the communities they serve, particularly surrounding health and illness, provide patient-centered care. It’s considered ‘cultural competency’ and it’s a regulation in hospitals around the country. This program is designed [...]

Disruptive Behavior DVD September 12, 2011 Comments Off

This training video defines disruptive behavior among healthcare workers, providing examples and differentiating subtle forms from obvious manifestations. It points out the impact of disruptive behavior on employee health, morale, performance, turnover, organization’s reputation, communication, teamwork and patient safety. Through everyday applications, the program shows how healthcare workers can create a supportive environment that can [...]

Cultural Competency Problem Solving (DVD) September 6, 2011 Comments Off

This highly-recommended course will help your staff understand what cultural competency means and what constitutes a culture. They will recognize that being sensitive to other cultures will help them interact smoothly with their patients. They will also learn the five steps of problem-solving, namely: gather information; assess understanding; give explanations not orders; be sensitive to [...]

OSHA Safety Training Newsletter July 25, 2011 Comments Off

Turn to our OSHA Safety Training Newsletter and poster program to free yourself from the pain of training preparation.
This program saves time and helps increase effectiveness so you can enjoy the benefits of successful safety training:

Fewer workplace injuries.
Fewer workers’ compensation claims.
Lower risk of OSHA audits and fines.
Lower insurance premiums and healthcare costs.

Universal Precautions Health Care DVD by Summit February 27, 2011 Comments Off


Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare Summit’s attention-grabbing program was filmed on-site, using real footage within the healthcare industry to accurately expose the possible hazards that may occur in the work environment. This program addresses that personnel within the industry should utilize “Standard Precautions,” a combination of Universal Precautions and Body Substance Isolation. This means that all [...]

Bring Healthcare Safety to Life with These PowerPoint Meetings October 21, 2010 1 Comment

To provide better public health services, the government spends billions of dollars on healthcare systems like hospitals, clinics and laboratories. The Healthcare industry is one of the largest sectors of the country that offers employment to a large number of workers. Healthcare workers are responsible for the patients in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Being in [...]

Free Electrical Arc Flash Webinar September 2, 2010 Comments Off

Free webinar on Preventing Arc Flash Injuries in the Workplace

Up to 10 times per day, a worker in the United States is severely injured or killed in an electrical arc flash accident or other electrical incident involving accidental contact with energized parts that cause shock and electrocution.
In this webinar you will learn important steps to [...]