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Healthcare Infographic: Why America Must Address Rising Healthcare Costs June 26, 2012 1 Comment


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Though the Supreme Court upheld the decision on the [...]

Marcom Video List June 5, 2012 Comments Off

Today, maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and complying with OSHA’s safety training requirements is more important than ever before. OSHA has become increasingly aggressive enforcing their regulations. Worker’s compensation and healthcare costs keep growing. And the drive toward achieving more productivity continues. Safety and health training is key to dealing with all of [...]

OSHA Safety Training Newsletter July 25, 2011 Comments Off

Turn to our OSHA Safety Training Newsletter and poster program to free yourself from the pain of training preparation.
This program saves time and helps increase effectiveness so you can enjoy the benefits of successful safety training:

Fewer workplace injuries.
Fewer workers’ compensation claims.
Lower risk of OSHA audits and fines.
Lower insurance premiums and healthcare costs.

Marcom updates its Industrial Ergonomics Program August 18, 2009 Comments Off

MARCOM has updated its Industrial Ergonomics video/DVD programs and CD/Online courses to include all of the latest information on how to combat ergonomic problems, as well as show fresh, up-to-date workplace settings.
Ergonomic issues have become a major concern in many business environments due to the increasing worker’s compensation and healthcare costs associated with these types [...]