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INFECTION CONTROL: Bloodborne Pathogens Behind the Scene by Quality Line March 8, 2008 Comments Off

Infection Control is as important today as ever before. In this brief overview, the history of infection control will lead us into today’s Standard Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens, Effective Engineering Controls, Handwashing and a lot more.
Length: 14 minutes Date Produced: September 2001 | Audience: New employees and staff education programs.
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ADA Harassment – Train Your Supervisors to Understand ADA March 7, 2008 Comments Off

There are between 40 and 50 million Americans with physical or mental disabilities. While these people also have valuable aptitudes, job skills, and experience, they often face job discrimination because of their disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted to eliminate such discrimination and provide all Americans—with or without disabilities—with equal employment [...]

CHECKING UP: An Infection Control Checklist by Quality line March 6, 2008 Comments Off

Treatment Infection: Designed to reinforce the CDC And OSHA standards for infection control and prevention, Checking Up reinforces patient safety and employee health through an INFECTION CONTROL CHECKLIST.
This valuable orientation program will explain how to prevent the spread of AIRBORNE, CONTACT, DROPLET and CONTACT PATHOGENS. TOPICS ALSO INCLUDE

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INFECTION CONTROL: Get Serious by Quality line March 5, 2008 Comments Off

This education & infection control and prevention program is designed for all employees to “GET SERIOUS”. It’s everyone’s job to follow policies & procedures – through early recognition and prevention strategies- to help stop the spread of potential infectious pathogens. Also discussed is the increasing concern for M.R.S.A., S.A.R.S., Flu Pandemic and P.P.E.
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Diversity Education Training – Help Make Diversity More Than a Buzzword Comments Off

As the American workforce continues to reflect our increasingly diverse population, organizations must make diversity more than a buzzword or a recruiting tactic. There is no specific diversity training required by law. However, best practices indicate that diversity training is essential given today’s increasingly diverse workforce.
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HAND WASHING: Get The Picture? by Quality line March 4, 2008 Comments Off

Journey through the hospital and see How, When and Why hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infections.
Ideal for new employee orientation. This education video will incorporate the use of hand gels and foams while reinforcing your facility’s Exposure Control Plan and hand washing guidelines plans
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Hazard Communication Training Video by CLMI Comments Off

This video, essential as an orientation for your construction workers, explains the Hazard Communication Standard If you have review this product please comment below or select the comment count.
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Fork Lift Safety: It’s not a car–know how to use it! March 3, 2008 Comments Off

Forklift Safety: Steer Clear of Hazards PowerPoint & Booklet Kit

Forklifts are valuable tools in the workplace because they allow you to move heavy or bulky materials easily and efficiently. They are important and commonly used vehicles—but they are also dangerous.According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are approximately 35,000serious injuries involving forklifts [...]

First Aid Training Supplies by CLMI Comments Off

This course provides valuable information on the various types of common injuries that can occur, and the types of First Aid treatment appropriate to each one. You will also learn some basic First Aid techniques that can be used in these situations.

Forklift Safety Training by marcom Comments Off

Forklift safety training video

Forklift Safety Training Video and other powered industrial trucks are indispensable to most companies. They are rugged, powerful tools that save time, money and effort. But the same qualities that make them helpful can also make them dangerous. Using powered industrial trucks results in over 100 fatalities and over 35,000 serious injuries each year. When [...]

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