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Workers’ comp for jumping jacks injury? Why court said ‘yep’ July 8, 2014 No Comments

A prison sergeant injured himself doing jumping jacks at home. He argued it was part of his regular program to stay in good physical shape for his job. The sergeant got workers’ comp because legal precedent involving other law enforcement officers was on his side.
Daniel Young worked for the Butte County, CA, Sheriff’s Department. [...]

EHSToday Picks America’s Safest Companies for 2014 No Comments


Alcoa Inc.
Headquarters: Pittsburgh
CEO: Klaus Kleinfeld (pictured)
Business: Primary metals
Revenue: $23 Billion (2013)
Employees: 60,000
Safety: Total recordable incident rate of 0.98 (2013)
Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images


Chief Industries Inc.
Headquarters: Grand Island, Neb.
Employees: 2,000
Business: Construction and manufacturing


ConocoPhillips Co.
Headquarters: Houston
CEO: Ryan Lance
Employees: 18,400
Business: Oil and gas
Revenue: $58.2 billion (2013)
Safety: 0.26 combined [...]

Key Remarks of President Nixon at the OSHA Signing Ceremony 1970 No Comments

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Let’s Try “Sense Based Safety” July 2, 2014 No Comments

I belong to 50 LinkedIn groups and I am active in each of them. They range from groups catering to trainers and industrial designers to those focusing on specific industries in which I work. The vast majority of those groups have one thing or another to do with worker safety. Each day my [...]

Poll: Public wants stiffer penalties for texting while driving July 1, 2014 No Comments

Driving? Put down the phone – or else.
That sums up public sentiment about texting while driving, according to a new public opinion poll from the National Safety Council (NSC).
The new poll shows 73% of respondents think there should be more enforcement of texting while driving laws; only 22% said the current level of enforcement [...]

Worker Killed By 2 Tons of Falling Glass No Comments

An employee of a window company in Colorado was crushed to death by a falling crate of glass.
Local rescue officials say the employee of Manko Window Systems in Aurora, CO, was helping unload wooden crates of glass at the business when the 4,000-pound load fell on top of him.
The man was pronounced dead at [...]

2014 Trucking Accident Compilation No Comments

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Silicone Wristbands Used To Monitor Exposure To Environmental Toxins June 23, 2014 No Comments

With millions of chemicals and hazardous substances in use around us every day, with flame retardant chemicals sprayed on our curtains and furniture, with toxins in the air that we breathe do you ever wonder exactly how much of this stuff you’re actually being exposed to?
Well the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and College [...]

Judge Says FBI Fitness-for-Duty Test is Biased No Comments

Fitness-for-duty exams that vary by gender may or may not be discriminatory, according to a federal judge. The judge ruled one exam used by the FBI is discriminatory.
Jay Bauer, 40, an intelligence analyst for the FBI, applied to become a special agent with the agency.
Bauer passed an initial fitness test and scored at or [...]

Positive Test for Alcohol, Cocaine and Pot, But Still Got Workers Comp No Comments

An employee says while he was working on a roof, he stood up to brush off some ants when he fell through the roof, suffering serious injuries. Blood and urine tests came back positive for alcohol and illegal drugs. Why did he get workers’ comp?
Norman Gideon was replacing a roof on an old house [...]

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