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Best Apps for the Safety Professional March 11, 2014 1 Comment

So, everybody’s got a smartphone or a tablet, right? If not, what are you waiting for? That little communication device sitting in your hand is no longer just for talking. Gone are the days when you could say the best thing about your phone is that it is rugged enough for your job or it [...]

Biggest Safety Training Headaches No Comments

Any workplace safety program is only as good as the safety training provided to employees. With that in mind, we asked safety professionals what their biggest safety training headaches are.
Here are the results:

scheduling safety training (around production, for example): 33.1%
keeping it fresh/new ideas: 27.2%
getting employees to remember what they learned: [...]

Stoned Worker Seeks Workers Comp After Injury No Comments

A worker used an acetylene torch to cut off the top of a barrel which exploded, injuring him. When receiving medical treatment, the worker tested positive for pot. Now he wants workers’ comp. Will he get it?
Employee Greg Prock was asked by his supervisor at Bull Shoals Landing to cut off the tops of two [...]

Whistleblower Fired After Raising Safety Concerns At Nuclear Site No Comments

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3 Safety Cultures – Which One Are You In? March 3, 2014 No Comments

Whenever I deliver a training class to a group of workers for whom I’m also serving as a safety consultant, I explain that there are two things I need to do: 1) Keep them safe and 2) Keep the company compliant.
In that order.
The trick is that if I’m achieving the first one, I am almost [...]

Are People Walking Around Blindfolded on Your Job Site? No Comments

Perhaps you decided to read this because you thought, “Of course not! Everyone knows that is a crazy dangerous, not to mention non-productive.” However, studies show that walking and texting are pretty much akin to walking blindfolded.
Researchers at Stony Brook University (study published in Gait & Posture) confirmed what many think is common sense [...]

Two Supervisors Convicted Of Felony Charges After Decapitation of 2 workers No Comments

Two former supervisors have agreed to pay $450K to the families of two workers who were decapitated in a boiler explosion. If they don’t pay within a year’s time, they’re going to jail.
Former plant manager Carl Richardson and former maintenance supervisor Roy Faulkinbury both pleaded no contest to two felony charges in connection with the [...]

Excellent Safety Video Focuses on a Real World Accident No Comments

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Introduction To Workplace Safety

(Infographic) Protect Yourself from Silica Exposure February 26, 2014 No Comments

silica exposure infographic

Source: OSHA Pros, LLC

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Worker predicted his own death: “Somebody is gonna get killed at work.. I hope it aint me” February 25, 2014 No Comments

Frank Johnson Sr.’s wife said her husband had worried for four or five months before his death that “somebody is going to get killed” at work and he hoped “it ain’t me.” Now OSHA is investigating his death.
Johnson had worked at Republic Steel in Lorain, Ohio, for 45 years. Most recently, he was a brakeman [...]

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