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High-performing Companies Invest More in Training March 31, 2014 No Comments

A client of ours recently asked how many hours of safety training employees should receive each year. The answer, much like other things in life, is “it depends.”
Training requirements are influenced by a number of factors including industry type, the regulatory environment, employee tenure and senior management commitment. For example, new employees tend to have [...]

Renegade Union Official Leaks Censored OSHA Video No Comments

In 1980, OSHA commissioned a series of short films about worker safety. In 1981, legend has it, incoming OSHA Administrator Thorne Auchter recalled and destroyed most copies of the films.
However, according to, some “renegade union officials” refused to return their copies. Several years ago, a union safety and health official made the three films [...]

Hit by car on street outside workplace: Can he get comp? March 24, 2014 No Comments

Did a worker’s choice between two employer parking lots on the day he was injured seal his eligibility for workers’ comp?
Kenneth Acosta worked for Exide Technologies in Reading, PA.
Exide owned two parking lots. Lot B was next to the plant. Lot A was across the street. Employees could park in either lot.
On Nov. 12, 2010, [...]

Respiratory problem due to chemical exposure or 30 years of smoking? No Comments

An employee’s doctor says his lung condition was caused by chemical exposure when he was power washing a roof. His employer’s doctor says it was infectious pneumonia and had more to do with the worker’s two-pack-a-day, 30-year smoking habit. Will the employee get workers’ comp?
No doubt workers’ comp cases involving respiratory problems are tricky. But [...]

How to Spot Risk and Stay Alive No Comments

A safety professional may read the title of this article and feel it’s child’s play. How could somebody not know how to look for risk? That same safety professional may even be tempted to use a phrase that I cannot stand: common sense. I once heard a speaker explain that common sense is a learned [...]

Great 8 minute Safety Talk: “The Path Home” No Comments

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(Infographic) Asbestos Exposure March 17, 2014 No Comments


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Feds Blame Safety Culture For Railroad Deaths, Crashes No Comments

On-time performance trumped safety, according to a report from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) about the troubled Metro-North Railroad that provides service between New York City and Connecticut. In December, a crash killed four people.
Metro-North suffered from a “deficient safety culture” that emphasized on-time performance over protecting workers and riders, according to the FRA report [...]

Truck Strikes Pedestrian – Now Company Has To Pay $22M No Comments

A woman, struck and seriously injured by a truck, was able to sue the driver’s employer, not just the driver. Now the company has to pay a record settlement for a personal injury case.
Shirley Miller was crossing a street in New York City when she was struck by a Duane Reade truck. Miller was legally [...]

The Human Cost of Gasoline No Comments

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