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Cultural Diversity Training DVD Preview

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Cultural Diversity Safety Training Video
Cultural Diversity Training Powerpoint Created by: Corporation for National & Community Service 

Topics Covered:

  • Diversity and its Definition
  • Diversity and its Elements
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • How to Approach Diversity
  • Our Primary Characteristics
  • Our Secondary Characteristics
  • Prejudice, Stereotype and Discrimination
  • Cultural Competence
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Cultural Jeopardy
Date Created: 2001 Number of Slides: 71 Osha Regulation: n/a Created by: Corporation for National & Community Service

Harassment & Diversity: Respecting Differences Employee Version Training DVD

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Cultural Diversity Safety Training Video

Other Cultural Diversity Training Presentations

Date Created: 2010 Number of Slides: 24 Osha Regulation: n/a Created by: State of South Carolina
Date Created: 2009 Number of Slides: 46 Osha Regulation: n/a Created by: Consensus Project
Date Created: 2009 Number of Slides: 33 Osha Regulation: n/a Created by: US Department of Veteran Affairs

Cultural Diversity and Its Advantages PPT

This presentation about Cultural Diversity and Its Advantages is provided by Select Appointments Limited. Diversity has its own benefits to the workplace, and statistics show that more employers adhere to promoting a diverse workplace for better growth. A diverse workforce is defined to have a social, value and information diversity. Other topics included are: The Business Case of Diversity, The Employer’s Forum on Age, The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006.

Cultural Diversity: Generational Differences in Workplace PPT

Horizon Health provided was produced by First Response: Emergency Medical Education and will help us to identify the key roles and responsibility of a first responder. The Four levels of EMS Providers has been defined and differentiated, also dealing with the key elements of providing an effective EMS System. The EMS System Levels: First Responder, EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and the Paramedic. The importance of this is to provide information to the public, helps promote the profession available, and enhances the status of the profession.

Cultural Diversity: Organizational Culture PPT

Xidian University provided on Cultural Diversity and how its effect on organizations. Organizational culture affects the acceptance and impact of diversity in various organizations. There are various types of organizations: Parochial, Ethnocentric and Pluralistic. Cultural Diversity in organization or managements has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is the diversity in skills available by the workforce, but a disadvantage would be on communication because of different interpretations from different cultures.