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Corporate Wellness Infographic: The State of Corporate Wellness Programs in America September 16, 2012

The State of Corporate Wellness Programs in America -

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Wellness programs are set up at companies in order to offer employees health services and information while encouraging the workforce to make changes with healthier lifestyles, wellness management as well as measures in disease and illness prevention.

Is the cost incurred by the corporation in implementing these programs worthwhile? Many employers say yes. They have a healthier workforce and spend less on medical costs. Since there are a variety of wellness programs, workplace stress training and initiatives, companies have a multitude of choices for what kind of wellness program they provide their employees. Even the basic programs can be simple activities, printed informative fliers on wellness or health and wellness training for the whole company. It is beginning to become apparent that employees are more productive, healthier and the company is spending less on medical costs because of it.

The infographic illustrates the benefits of having a corporate wellness program.

• Obesity and illness are responsible for 10% of employer health care expenses.
• Employers have a variety of options and types of wellness programs they can offer their employees and can tailor fit the programs offered based on their workforces needs.
• Employers are noticing the success in results from wellness programs such as reduction in health care costs, more productive employees who are happier at work.

A company that invests in it’s most valuable asset, it’s employees, is a step ahead of other businesses in that they have a happier and healthier workforce, better performance and productivity and more loyal workers. These companies are also able to attract and recruit more talented workers since new-hires see the benefits offered by the employer. Supervisors and managers may choose hr training dvds to see how implementing wellness programs can benefit everyone.

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