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OSHA vs. Hollywood: Round 1 December 26, 2012 6 Comments


Workplace safety does not receive much mainstream exposure. The vast majority of the U.S population does not know what OSHA is or what it regulates. We’re intent on changing that.  In this post, we’ll analyze the $250 million dollar 90′s blockbuster Enemy of the State and NBC’s The Office for OSHA violations.
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OSHA’s “Recession Tax” November 27, 2012 Comments Off

OSHA Fines Timeline 2

OSHA claims their fines are primarily based the ‘gravity’ of a violation which is judged by both its severity and the amount of employees that could potentially be affected. Conventional wisdom tells us that high unemployment should result in lower overall OSHA fines as less employees are working and at risk for injury. The opposite [...]

A Detailed Look Into OSHA under U.S Presidents November 24, 2012 Comments Off

OSHA Fines Annually

Democrats and Republicans could not be more different in their fundamental views of government spending and regulation but are these views reflected in their administration of OSHA?
OSHA Fines Under U.S Presidents
Increasing maximum OSHA fines requires action from Congress which has been repeatedly blocked under the current Republican congress. However, that hasn’t stopped OSHA from finding other [...]