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Worker says safety manager followed him to hospital to avoid lost-time injury record September 9, 2014 No Comments

No doubt part of your job as a safety manager is to avoid lost-time injuries. But the object is to do that before an injury occurs. This company landed in court because of what a safety manager is alleged to have done after an employee was injured.
On Aug. 6, 2012, Lonnie Harper was working [...]

The Worst Places For Safety Managers to Work No Comments

Over my 40-plus safety career I have worked for and with hundreds of manufacturing companies. Generally speaking, the worst place for a safety professional to work is a small to medium-sized “private” company.
“Public” companies (those owned by stock holders and traded on an exchange) on the other hand are professionally managed by well-qualified executives. [...]

Firefighters Seriously Injured in Ice Bucket Challenge No Comments

Talk about unintended consequences. Four firefighters suffered electrical shocks while trying to help out with a fundraising event.
The firefighters from the Campbellsville Fire Dept. in Kentucky were on board a fire truck when its ladder got too close to a power line.
Even though the truck never touched the line, it became energized.
Capt. Tony Grider [...]

Safety Rap Video Goes Viral No Comments

Dennis McDade doesn’t care what you do – as long as you and your crew stay safe.
That’s the refrain of McDade’s “Safety Rap,” which has garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube since he made the safety-focused rap video in 2008.
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Improve Safety for Forklift Operators by Maximizing Peripheral Vision August 25, 2014 No Comments

Safety is a primary concern for anyone who works in construction and manufacturing performing any activity that requires eye protection. The proper eye protection especially is important for those who operate forklifts and other types of mobile equipment.
Simply putting on the latest fashionable safety glasses is not enough in the case of forklift operators. [...]

(Infographic) Germs in The Office: Do You Know Where Your Phone Has Been? No Comments


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City to Pay $26M Because it Didn’t Let Workers Nap on Their Meal Breaks No Comments

A tired worker is a potentially unsafe worker. So, you’d think it’d be more important to have well rested employees than to be concerned about images of workers sleeping during their meal breaks.
That’s what you’d think. But it took a multi-million dollar lawsuit for officials in Los Angeles to learn that lesson.
L.A. officials had [...]

This Is What Workplace Safety in China Looks Like 1 Comment

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The Leader’s Role in Safety August 19, 2014 No Comments

There are a lot quixotic efforts out there to find the one key to making the workplace safety. This search for the safety equivalent of the city of Cibola has led to a lot of flakey methodologies and given rise to the age of zealots in the safety function—people so unwilling to even consider a [...]

Study: People Working More Than One Job at Greater Risk for Fatigue No Comments

Recent reports show the number of people working part-time jobs is at an all-time high. And many of those people are working more than one job. What are the implications for workplace safety because of the number of people working multiple jobs?
You’d expect this might cause greater fatigue among these workers. Now a new [...]

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