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Video Shows Silver Eagle Refinery Explosion April 21, 2014 No Comments

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Court strikes down SeaWorld’s appeal; forbids trainers from swimming with the whales No Comments

A federal appeals court has ruled SeaWorld must provide more protection for trainers working with killer whales at its Orlando park, as ordered by OSHA.
Specifically, SeaWorld trainers must be protected by physical barriers or sufficient distance from the whales. The marine park had argued that following OSHA’s order would fundamentally change its business.
However, the [...]

Company owner faces prison time for death of worker No Comments

Federal officials have charged the owner of an asphalt plant with violation of a safety standard causing the death of an employee. If convicted, the owner could go to jail.
Martin Romano, President of MR Asphalt Inc. of Victor, MT, pleaded not guilty to the charge. If convicted, he faces six months in prison and [...]

Real Footage Shows Missteps That Led To Workers Death No Comments

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Do you make these three fall protection mistakes? April 8, 2014 No Comments

Fall protection rules can seem complicated because every situation is different.

A roof that may be safe in one scenario needs a completely different approach in another.
A lanyard that is good for the work you are performing today is unacceptable for the work you’re performing tomorrow.
The rails that normally guard the [...]

Sanctuary fined $5,600 after keeper is killed by cougar No Comments

This is an unusual workplace fatality to be sure: An animal sanctuary keeper is killed by a cougar. But some of the errors that Oregon OSHA says the sanctuary made are ones that could be made at a number of workplaces.
Renee Radziwon-Chapman, 36, the head keeper at WildCat Haven Sanctuary near Sherwood, OR, was [...]

80% mistakenly believe this is a safe work practice 1 Comment

Bust any safety myths lately? New findings from a National Safety Council (NSC) poll point toward one misconception many of your workers probably have:
The NSC says 80% of drivers incorrectly believe hands-free cell phones are safer to use when driving than hand-held ones.
Some other results from the NSC poll:

Of those who admitted using [...]

High Pressure Gas Cylinders Explode on Highway – Great opener for a HAZMAT Class No Comments

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Does OSHA Make It More Difficult to Discipline Workers? April 1, 2014 No Comments

Companies have to enforce their safety rules, and that includes disciplining workers. But OSHA says you can’t retaliate against an employee for reporting an injury – one that might have occurred because the worker violated a safety rule. With OSHA’s growing emphasis on whistleblowers, how do you balance this?
The answer: carefully.
That’s the message in a [...]

OSHA Publishes New GHS/HazCom Guide for Small Businesses No Comments

OSHA has just published a 40-page PDF that describes the necessary steps for GHS compliance. It’s targeted specifically to small businesses and includes a sample written HazCom program. The PDF is available for free download at OSHAs website.
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