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How Do You Know Your Respirator Fits? July 29, 2014 No Comments

You might think your respirator fits, but you could be wrong.
Recently I talked with a worker in a film production studio where props and artwork are created. He and his coworkers recently took part in an on-site respirator fit test from Actsafe, BC’s safety association for entertainment industries.
“In my case, the mask was much too [...]

Large & Dual Monitor Neck Syndrome No Comments

There is quite a conundrum office workers and IT purchasers are facing these days, and they may not even know it! Here it is:

The latest monitor set-up (dual and/or large monitors) with resulting neck pain
Smaller monitor set-up with no neck pain
User & Buyer Beware
In our practice, we are finding more and more ergonomic problems associated [...]

Whopping $816k OSHA Fine For Company That Provided False Documentation No Comments

Want to see a five-figure OSHA fine balloon into a six-figure one? This company did after it violated the terms of a settlement agreement, according to the agency.
OSHA has fined Formed Fiber Technologies LLC of Sidney, Ohio, $816,500 for 14 citations including providing false documentation and making false representations about abatement of previous violations.
OSHA [...]

Safety Is Personal: A Highly Compelling & Emotional Story From a Business Owner No Comments

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Safety Orientation On Alert Training DVD
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An Ounce of Observation is worth a Pound of Prevention July 23, 2014 No Comments

On Aug. 2, 1999, an aircraft mechanic opened fire in a cafeteria at the former Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, killing five people and injuring 17 others before he was fatally wounded in a shootout with military police.
After the incident, the shooter’s co-workers, friends and family members revealed that the man had been [...]

Alleged affair leads to failed murder-for hire: Workers’ comp for PTSD? No Comments

This case provides a reminder that if something at work worsens an employee’s pre-existing condition, the employer may be on the hook to provide workers’ comp benefits. This includes all sorts of injuries, including mental ones.
Arthur Mosley, an employee of a Hannaford Brothers Co. supermarket in New York, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
While [...]

Manage Your Outside Inspectors – Excellent Advice From Former ex-OSHA Inspector No Comments

Every company is subject to many and various outside inspectors who regularly visit their locations. These inspectors are from the: insurance company, fire department, government safety agencies (e.g. OSHA), and even the corporate headquarters.
These many inspectors have great power and can: levy fines, increase insurance premiums or cancel your policy, generate mandatory fix-it [...]

Electrical Safety PSA: A MUST-WATCH For Your Next Safety Meeting No Comments

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Electrocution Hazards [...]

July 2014 NEW RELEASE: Pallet Jack Safety Training Video by JJ Keller July 16, 2014 No Comments

banner2 fixed

JJ Keller has just released a brand new training video for Pallet Jack operators. It’s available in DVD and online training format. Check it out!
Most employers provide only basic forklift training to pallet jack operators. Given that pallet jack operators are frequently getting on and off the machine, there are some important subtleties that need [...]

Does Your Drug Policy Refer to “illegal drugs”? It May Need To Be Changed July 15, 2014 No Comments

Availability of legal, recreational pot in Washington state is a big change. What hasn’t changed is employers’ ability to test their employees for marijuana use. Even so, employers should check their drug policies in light of the new pot law.
Drug testing that includes marijuana is still legal for Washington employers. The new weed law [...]

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